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What can I hunt? What can I hunt?





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Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

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Our Suppliers
The Team

The Team

Family run store

Inverell Firearms

What we do

Welcome to Sapphire City Firearms previously known as R.K.Cook and relocated to Byron Street Inverell- next door to Super Cheap Auto and the Cinema's. We Offer a large range of new and consignment firearms as well as a large range of accessories for the shooting enthusiast.

.511 Tactical Clothing - exclusive stockist of durable hard wearing clothing and foot ware as used by American police department and Military. In store products include Packable Waterproof Jackets, Waterproof pants and Boots. Call in and check out the quality of this product.

Pig Hunters are also catered for with our major exclusive stockist being Pig Dog Supplies featuring breast plates, pace plates, neck collars, f.dick knives, quick release leads and many other accessories. We also stock Toms Tarps products.

Delivery -Struggling to get to Inverell? Give us a call and we can arrange free delivery Tuesday afternoons to Armidale area. For surrounding areas Thursday / Friday delivery for orders over $250.

Gunsmiths - We have our own Registered Gunsmith in the local area who can cater for repairs including Cerakote and Bluing.

Firearms Safety - Laurie White conducts firearm safety tests as required by the NSW Firearms Registry. Contact us for further information regarding obtaining a Gun Licence and R Licence requirements.

Inverell Firearms

Our Suppliers

Winchester Remington Wolf Eyes Howa Powa Beam Pig Dog Supplies Toms Tarps moondyne AOS Savage Arms Leupold Tetra Gun Barska Eley Sako Tikka 5.11 Tactical Gear F .Dick Nosler Hornady Sierra Kolpin Lee Precision Reloading Hoppes 9 Ballistol Cerakote Gun Coatings Lokaway RPR Vortex Optics Duncan's Pig Dog Collars
Inverell Firearms

The Team

The team at Sapphire City Firearms are locals of Inverell and have a broad range of experience within the industry. they are committed to provide one hundred percent customer service and provide the best of quality products.

The team consists of Max Doogood, Kim Morris & Laurie White. The team have vast range of knowledge and experience with in the firearms industry, Military Disposal and camping. Laurie also is a Firearms Safety testing officer.

The staff at Sapphire City Firearms hope to see you soon.

Business owners Max and Kim

Business owners Max and Kim

Inverell Firearms

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Address: 174 Byron Street
Australia 2360
02 6721 1780
02 6721 1713
0408 070 945
Opening hours: Monday - Friday Saturday
9:00am-5:30pm 9:00am-1:00pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays